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Utilitas I.T. d.o.o. is a company founded with the aim of becoming a leading company in the segment of information security and the provision of information security solutions, and to offer complete information security solutions to end users through the network of its partners.


Utilitas I.T. d.o.o. is specifically focused on providing consulting services, delivery and implementation of solutions in the field of IT security (protection against viruses and other malicious code such as spam, spyware…), Intruson prevention (IPS), firewall, secure proxy, database security and compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA etc. as well as the supervision of privileged users, identity management, protection of confidential data by encryption, and with the help of ours partners to connect your IT with your business processes.

The line of products we use in our work belongs to the "best of breed", we use only the best for you, because each manufacturer from our offer is the market leader in its industry.

Utilitas I.T. proudly stands out as IBM's leading partner in the
implementation of this product in the Republic of Croatia.


  • With the quality of services we provide, our goal is position Utilitas I.T. d.o.o. as a leading partner in the field of I.T. security implementation in the country
  • Bring partners (users) in a position to Utilitas I.T. d.o.o. perceived as a natural and logical choice for building the security of their information system


  • Improving the business of companies by implementing quality IT solutions with an emphasis on providing quality consulting services, supply and implementation of solutions related to the security of IT systems
  • Giving new values ​​to the business environment with an emphasis on the use of new technologies and solutions that enable competitive market status
  • Preparing business entities to enter the EU business environment.


  • Raise the quality of information systems security implementation service to the level of positive effect for the user
  • Demonstrate and prove that security information systems within a company really contribute to its faster and better development
  • Preparing business entities and partners for market competition in the EU.

UTILITAS I.T. limited liability company for computer activities
The company is registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the company's (court) registration number: 080657093
The company's commercial bank is Zagrebačka banka in Zagreb
TThe share capital of the company amounts to HRK 20,000.00 and has been paid in full
The director and owner is Tomislav Mikolavčić, he represents the company individually and independently

Contact us with confidence, because our name speaks for itself (utilitas - usefulness lat.).

The AVNET Distributor Award was presented to the Utilitas I.T. in the IBM Software Unique Solution Area category, again demonstrating the focus on the IBM Security Guardium solution for protecting and monitoring database activities.

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Products and services

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., was founded in 1996 in Sunnyvale, California, dealing with proxy solutions on which it still bases its offer today. In 2016, it was purchased by Symantec. Over the past year, the quality of its products has become the world's leading manufacturer of security solutions for WANoptimization and protection of Gateway-a, which is confirmed by independent research companies such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester.

In recent years, the way of exchanging information has changed significantly. Today's companies often do not have firmly defined boundaries within which it is necessary to protect the IT infrastructure and data, and large amounts of information are exchanged between individual geographical locations connected by WAN networks. As a result, the web browser has become a major resource for accessing information such as email, business applications, and data exchange, allowing employees to work beyond the physical boundaries of the office.

With the rapid development of Web technologies and the transition to the Web browser as the central point of communication and business, a whole range of security threats has developed that take advantage of its growing popularity. With this solution, Blue Coat ensures companies secure use of the Internet as the main resource for accessing and transmitting information, and ensures the continuity and reliability of business applications.

Blue Coat ssecurity solution installed on the Gateway (central point of entry and exit of Internet traffic from the company's network) provides users secure content when working within a Web browser, stopping threats coming from the Internet using various protocols (http, https, ftp, IM, etc.), and increases employee productivity by filtering Web content that has not been used for business purposes.

The solutions also offer real-time reputation based malware filtering which helps detect new, targeted attacks. In addition to web security options, available adjacent integrations include integration with Web Isolation, Symantec Mail Gateway, Symantec DLP, and Symantec CASB (CloudSOC), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Symantec Endpoint Protection solutions. Symantec has also introduced the Integrated Cyber Defense eXchange (ICDX), as a platform to integrate Symantec and partner security solutions.

In the Web Security space Symantec provides the following solutions:

Feel free to contact us for more information on Symantec Blue Coat products, we will be happy to arrange a presentation or non-binding testing

IBM Security Guardium

Guardium was founded in 2002 with an exclusive focus on real-time database protection, while providing insight into all transactions and enabling automation of the compliance audit process. Today, Guardium offers companies a simple and robust hardware solution for protecting financial and ERP information, user and card data as well as intellectual property stored in systems such as Oracle, SAP, Siebel or other SQL databases.

At the end of 2009, IBM acquired Guardium, rounding out its database security product portfolio.

The need for a solution of this kind is best illustrated by the following example - when you think about it, most financial data is just an entry in some database, a money transfer is a change of the required entry and an update of another. How do you know who is updating and how they are entering data in your databases? More and more people have access to various databases, the amount of information is constantly growing, systems are more complex and reporting is difficult.

The Guardium solution allows you to completely monitor the activities of your database (databases), as well as conduct security controls, offering a dedicated hardware system that:

By using the Guardium solution, you can successfully solve your problems related to heterogeneous systems, different types of users and various access points to databases, with a complete insight into the activities without the need for intervention on the databases themselves.

Three key reasons why companies choose Guardium:

Feel free to contact us for more information on Guardium products, we will be happy to arrange a presentation or non-binding testing!

Cyber Ark

The Cyber Ark system allows complete control of the activities of privileged users (system administrators), privileged applications and processes within the IT infrastructure, regardless of resource or location, without the need to install a software agent on a single computer.

Cyber-Ark is a manufacturer of security solutions, founded in 1999 by world-renowned security experts in the field of information security, headquartered and developed in Israel. Focused on developing solutions for the protection of highly confidential data as well as for the management of administrative and privileged user accounts, Cyber-Ark is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the corporate security segment. This is confirmed by the independent analytical house Gartner, which has classified Cyber-Ark as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of Privileged Identity Management solutions.

Cyber Ark's offer is divided into the following products:

Privileged Identity Management – Privileged Session Management – Secure Digital Vault – Data encryption & secure file exchange

Support services

UTILITAS I.T. provides its customers a quick response and assistance in solving everyday problems in the operation of the system it represents and sells. Proactive action in the prevention of possible problems gives security to the users of our services.

Support for customer systems can be arranged according to a variety of customer requirements. When contracting technical support services with the user, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis of the state of the system according to the project of equipment implementation. After the analysis, a plan for providing services is made according to the analysis and user needs, and according to the type of equipment used.

By concluding the contract UTILITAS I.T. takes full care of the supervision, management and maintenance of the user's equipment specified in the contract.

UTILITAS I.T. enables users of its services to report an incident or request for intervention in the following ways:

The response time of the HelpDesk to the user according to the received notification is within 2 hours from the moment of receiving the notification within working hours. All notifications received after UTILITAS I.T.'s business hours are processed the next business day.

Maintenance of information systems

Today's business needs set the condition for creating the technological environment necessary for their own business and its specific needs, and more importantly that the environment is always available, active and is a represent of business goals, not an obstacle to work and decision making. By using information system maintenance services, in addition to using the available resources in a quality way, you also protect your business and minimize risk.

Maintenance services of information systems or parts of information systems are variable and depend on the system itself, its condition, as well as on the needs of users. Although it is common and practical to maintain the system through a continuous relationship, some users are also determined by the option of periodic maintenance based on their own resources or lower maintenance requirements

As maintenance is individualized according to the needs and requirements of maintenance service users, it is common to combine maintenance services with other services or solutions. This achieves an extremely good result in terms of cost, and is the most popular way of cooperation.

The benefits that Utilitas I.T. can point out as their own competitive advantage are extremely fast response to customer inquiries, respect and appreciation of customer requirements, procedures and ways of doing business, constant investment in education and training, and expertise and commitment.

Advisory services

UTILITAS I.T. provides its customers consulting services with information technology application. By using these services UTILITAS I.T. helps its partners and customers to take advantage and apply all the benefits of new technologies, and thus increase their productivity and competitiveness in the market.

Our team of experts with extensive experience in the IT industry is trained to provide expert advice on IT security systems, and the relationship between the benefits and risks that individual technologies bring.

At any time, our experts are ready to provide customers optimal solutions to IT systems and problems, and our biggest advantage is that in addition to consulting we can offer the optimal technical solution and its implementation on a turnkey basis with the use of equipment that belongs to the "best of breed” in its category.

As direct partners of manufacturers and distributors, we make sure that our employees are adequately trained, and thus maintain a high level of service.

Documentation services

Using the most advanced software packages, we create documentation for your network and network infrastructure.

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Office: Vranovina Street 9 Vukovar City Street 224 10 000 Zagreb


email: Tel. +385 (0)1 6111 406 Sale Tel. +385 (0)1 7788 024 Tehnical support Fax. +385 (0)1 6111 415 Mob. +385 (0)98 98 27 600 Sale Mob. +385 (0)99 49 66 649 Tehnical support


Identification number: 2381737 Personal identification number: 41606287305 Giro account: 2360000-1102023064

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